Anxiety Disorders: Types, Causes, Symptoms, and How to Treat

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Anxiety is one of such natural responses that take place in our body because of stress and during such situation, a person can feel fear about almost everything that is coming in their life such as going for a job interview, the first day of the job, talking to someone new and many more.

Although it said that these are some of the common responses that take place in everybody’s mind and are completely normal. But whenever these feelings of anxiety start crossing its limits and goes to an extreme condition, then it becomes a severe health problem for the person.

Let’s get in-depth with an anxiety disorder and try to find everything about this health issue from its symptoms to its effective treatment methods.

Facts about Anxiety Disorders-

Here are some must known facts about anxiety disorders-

  • There is a lot of difference between normal nervousness and anxiety
  • You can face emotional and physical issues in your body because of anxiety disorder.
  • There are various types of anxiety disorders.
  • More than 50% of Americans are affected by anxiety
  • There are plenty of factors that can cause anxiety disorders in a

What are anxiety disorders?

As we have already discussed that anxiety or being anxious about something is a normal feeling, but when someone starts being anxious about almost everything, then this issue can be considered as an anxiety disorder.

Because when normal anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder, it becomes unpleasant for a person, and hence they face several changes in their overall mind and body. During an anxiety disorder, you can feel fear almost every time, and you would be able to notice the feel of fear would be more intense in comparison with normal anxiety.

Several changes will take place in your life because of anxiety disorder those changes are as follows-

  • You would not be able to enjoy the things in your life.
  • You would not be able to enter an elevator because of anxiety
  • You would not leave your home or would unable to cross the street
  • You can face several emotional changes also.
  • You can even face various physical changes in your body because of anxiety disorder.

Different types of Anxiety disorder

Most of the people out there think that there are no types of anxiety disorder, and it’s a single-type disorder. But the fact is that there are different types of anxiety disorders, let us have a look at them-

Panic Disorder-

In case if you are facing panic disorders frequently during a particular interval of time, then that condition is known as panic disorders. Hence during such a situation, the person always remains in fear of the next panic attack.


In this type of anxiety disorder, a person has to face excessive fear of a particular object, situation, or person.

Social Anxiety Disorder-

During this type of anxiety disorder, the person faces the fear of being judged during any meetup or situations such as social gatherings.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-

This is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person performs specific behaviors repeatedly along with that, the person faces a number of irritating thoughts.

Separation Anxiety Disorder-

As it’s clear from the name, this is a type of anxiety disorder which a person faces by being separated from their home or loved ones.

Illness Anxiety Disorder-

This is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person faces fear regarding some health disorders and their overall condition.


The full form of this type of anxiety disorder is Post-Traumatic stress disorder, and the person faces this issue because of some traumatic event.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder-

Anxiety can act differently in different people’s body; in some cases, you can face the issue of higher heart rate while on the other hand, some can face problems in their stomach.

As there are different variations of anxiety disorder of different people, in the same way, there are various symptoms of anxiety, which are as follows-

  • People can face increased heart rate issue as a symptom of anxiety
  • People face restlessness during the initial stage of anxiety
  • One can also face concentration issues during this disorder.
  • One of the severe symptoms is that people are unable to fall asleep during anxiety disorder

There are no such results of researches, which states that every anxiety disorder patient will face the same kind of symptoms.

Causes of Anxiety Disorder-

There is no exact cause of anxiety; it is said that everyone faces anxiety issues because of different reasons. But the researchers were able to find out some factors that play an essential role in the cause of anxiety disorder, those factors are-

  • Genetic factors
  • Environmental factors
  • The atmosphere you live in
  • Your fears

Is There Any Diagnose Test For Anxiety?

It is stated that you would not be able to know about your anxiety disorder problem with the help of a single test only. Instead of that, you would have to go through several physical and mental tests that should be performed by psychological department doctors.

Most of the doctors out there go for a blood and urine test for diagnosing anxiety disorder in a patient, but it is noticed that one can’t know about this disorder’s actual condition with just these tests. So along with these tests, various psychological tests should also take place for a better understanding of the actual condition of this disorder.

Treatment for Anxiety Disorder-

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Anxiety disorder becomes one of the most common health issues day by day, and this is the reason several medicine manufacturers are introducing medicines for this issue, but here we found that one of the best and most effective medicine buy Xanax bars 2mg.

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